Effective Design for Special Events Banners

There are many different reasons to order a special events banner. But before you get to this step, you will need to make sure that your banner has been effectively designed for your event. No two events are alike and may require different techniques to attract the most customers. Here are some important design tips when creating your special events banner.

Design Tip #1 - What does your event entail? If your event is held at a certain time of year, it is important to integrate the season into your design. For example, a summer picnic banner could incorporate pictures of the sun, lakes, and other designs that are associated with summer. By using the seasons you can create more visual interest in your sign.

If the event is for a particular product, you will need to showcase this product on your banner. For example, an event that is intended to launch a new line of electronics would need to have a banner that prominently displays these new products.

Design Tip #2 - Choosing your colors wisely. There are many different aspects to selecting the right colors for your banner. You will need to keep in mind any colors that your business currently uses on promotional materials or designs. These colors should be incorporated into your banner.

The colors of the product that you are promoting, or the designs that you plan to use should also be considered. Will they clash with the colors you have selected, or fade into the background?

Design Tip #3 - Finding the right balance. A special events banner should include text and pictures. These will need to be carefully placed on the banner to highlight the message, and provide visual balance. Place your graphics around your text to support it, not overwhelm it.

Try to avoid putting too many graphics on one side or another of your banner. This gives a feeling to the viewer of being off-kilter and it will not represent your business appropriately. A banner should be professional and provide a good impression of your company.

Design Tip #4 - Using the right words. If you need to promote an event, you will need to choose the wording on your banner carefully. What makes the event special? What are you trying to say with your sign. You will need to use your sign to convey what is special about your event or product.

The importance of the event can be illustrated by the colors you use. For example, a red or a yellow banner is an instant attention getter and can get the message across that something exciting is going on. Using colors that evoke this emotion allows you to use your banner both as an informational and motivational tool.