Originality 4 Light Box



This design has a red background with a picture of a classic red car in a small town. The text is blue with areas for your editable information such as your personalized message.

Edgelit displays offer high intensity illumination in a remarkably thin 1.625" deep display, one of the thinnest available! The single-sided Edgelit features an elegant beveled snap frame while the double-sided model features a gently curved snap frame. 
  The Edgelit frame houses two brilliant fluorescent bulbs, while laser-etched acrylic ensures even diffusion as bright as an LCD screen. The perfect solution when you want to present a high-end look with an exceptionally thin display!
The opaque media material is designed to be printed with your customizable design and it allows the light to shine through from the back light source. 

Product Information

Product SKU: SIGN_EDG-1116_BLIT_K_11Wx16H