My signs were very lovely

My signs were very lovely and exactly what I envisioned, but some of the dots on the lower case letter "i's" were absent. Dunno why - it was not every letter "i" but just a few. I know they didn't get left behind on the paper, 'cause I checked! Anyway, the car decals still look great on my Honda Element, so it's no big thing. But it did keep me from giving you 5 stars.

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- Waggin' Tail Dog Training

Easy Ordering Process

I gave you guys highest rating in Trusted Google store and bizrate surveys. I really was greatly satisfied with the vinyl decal for my boat. The web designer was the 3rd or 4th I tried. Yours was easy to navigate and kept me on your site to look at all the font and size options. Really great. The only thing I looked for that wasn't there was color options, but the black and gray lettering I'd awesome, so I'm kinda glad you didn't let me select some bad taste color scheme!

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very professional

these decals are top of the line,, just put them on,, we will see how they last in this northeast winters,, customer service is very good to deal with,, very professional, orders are perfect and correct every time

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- mark coviello

Easy Ordering Process

Thanks for the extra Decal.

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- Guest

Good Customer Service

This was a replacement order for decals I originally purchased 8 years ago. Danielle in customer service was able to locate the old order and made it easy for me to purchase the identical items. However, when I went to add Coast Guard lettering, the "Boat Registration" link would not work for me and I kept getting the 404 Page Not Found error. Again, Danielle came to the rescue and placed the order for me.

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- Robert Steinberger

Fast service

Fast service, great quality decals.

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- Edward M. Bediamol

Great Job, Speedy Signs.

I enjoy the ability to customize my decals to fit my business needs. The customization tools are very easy to use. And I have created different decals for my use. Have never had any customer service issues. All decals were made to my specifications and shipped promptly to me. Great Job, Speedy Signs.

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- Steve Gooder

Great customer service representative

Great customer service representative went above and beyond to ensure I got exactly what I needed on time. Our new decals look great. Thanks!

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- Chris

The product quality is excellent.

I've placed many orders with Speedy Signs and all have been perfect. I tend to order custom vinyl decals. The online custom decal tool works great. The product quality is excellent, cutting is exact and shipping is quick. I'll certainly be back next time I need one of their products. Thanks!

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- R. B. S.

This was great for a personalized boat decal.

This was great for a personalized boat decal. While other websites only offer letters, this company offers any image you like to be uploaded and personalized to your liking. The only thing I wish this company had was specific boat sizes and decals that will automatically adjust to their height/width. However, knowing that this is an option will be far away (for any company!) this product suited my needs perfectly. Thank you!

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- R Schafer

I'll use them again.

I'm a graphic designer and I've used this company twice for boat graphic decals. They are fast, professional, and the product is very durable. I'll use them again.

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- Eileen Anderson

Ordering online was easy!

The door decals I ordered look great. Ordering online was easy and I liked how I could customize them to my liking. Thanks

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- Manuel Vazquez

I'll Be Back!

Greetings! This purchase was made on 04\12\2017. The order was for a magnetic custom sized sign and a vinyl decal custom sized. After reviewing the product's descriptions, I noticed quite a difference in price between "Standard Vinyl" and "Premium Vinyl" regarding the peel and place decal. So contacting customer service was in order. Danielle, (I do hope the spelling is correct), responded quickly without me going through a lengthy answering machine with all those options and button pushing; (very nice going Speedy Signs)! She was very knowledgeable in explaining how the manufacturing process affects the quality, durability and the possibility of some slight shrinkage in the standard vinyl over time. Since this made a great deal of sense, I went with the premium of course. The magnetic sign was purchased to be used temporarily to find the best location on my pick-up truck's tailgate. The permanently applied premium vinyl decal can then go in its place. The magnetic sign is now proudly displayed on my refrigerator. The custom size, quality, the overall appearance is great and shipping is what was expected and what was received. I'll Be Back! Thank You...Kevin

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- Kevin Wilson

Decal for my boat it turned out great

I ordered a name Decal for my boat it turned out great.

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- Aaron Hall

Decal looks awesome on my truck

My experience was really good and the decal looks awesome on my truck. The decal was easy to design and add features/clip art. I did have to trim off one of my added clip art imagines due to window fit. One design point I would like to suggest that would allow people to avoid this mistake would be if you could enter your truck model and the design template would reflect the actual dimension of the truck window. This would allow customers to shrink text and images for a perfect fit.

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- Ricky Lanier

Affordable Decals for Any Occasion

What exactly is a decal?  The terminology often confuses people because decal, sticker, lettering, and vinyl are often used interchangeably.  Here is a quick explanation to help you better understand these terms:

- Decal-this verbiage is used to describe a solid piece of vinyl.  A decal is generally one piece that can be contour cut or a design printed onto a square or rectangle background.  a bumper sticker is a good example of a decal.

- Sticker - Sticker can be used interchangeably with decal but often people think of stickers as the small paper stickers that are used in stationery, on school papers, etc.

- Lettering or Vinyl Lettering - This is generally a group of letters individually cut out yet grouped and masked so that they can be applied all in one piece.  Individually cut out store hours applied to a front door is a good example of vinyl lettering

 What are decals used for?  There are a huge variety of uses for decals. Add a company logo on your vehicle to market your services.  Design one of a kind monograms for your Yeti or Bubba cups, personalize your car with custom car stickers, organize your pantry with custom labels, keep track of your electronics with custom decals or skins for your laptop, phone, tablet and more. Advertise a sale with window stickers for your storefront window, add professional hours to your business front door, promote your business or your political campaign with logo bumper stickers, add your brand and contact info to pieces of rental equipment, create custom labels for wine bottles, water bottles, mason jars, gift baskets. There are so many uses for decals it is impossible to list them all!

When ordering decals on Speedy Signs we have many options.  Our sticker maker is one of the best in the industry. The pricing is generally figured by the square footage and you can upload any artwork to be printed and cut out of vinyl.

Free Templates for Custom Decals for Everyday Use

Browse our gallery of professionally designed free custom decal templates for any personal or business events, customize them, or upload your own graphics to create your personalized decals or stickers in minutes.

Explore Custom Decal Types and Options 

As you order your decals, you will see a few finish options as well.

- Exact Cut to Shape-With this option, all outlines will be cut out.  

- Standard Decal (w/Background)- with this option, your design will be printed onto a standard rectangle or square background.

- Reverse/Inside Application- with this option, your lettering will be reversed so when applied inside your window, they can be viewed from outside.  Keep in mind this generally only works with 1 color decals, as we are not able to print on the sticky side. Also, be sure to check if your windows have any type of tint as this will make your decal less visible and more muted looking.  

- Protection Plus (UV)- a layer of cold laminate will be applied over your decal to double the longevity - especially recommended for outdoor, printed full-color decals.


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Rough Wall Decal
Reflective Decal
Premium Vinyl Decal
Standard Vinyl Decal


Cut to Shape
Reverse Cut
UV Laminate


Application Fluid
Adhesive Remover
Application Kit


We recommend you review our installation instructions for each type of product here. Or watch our videos here.

Boat Lettering Installation
Rough Wall Vinyl Installation
Window Decal Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our final decals are completely waterproof and durable outdoors.
We recommend you review our installation instructions for each type of product.
Yes we recommend wiping with a damp cloth or if exposed 2 Road grime you can use a light soapy solution to clean your decals.
It is optimal to store your decals flat in a dark dry space.
Standard material should last one to two years and premium material should last up to five years or more.
Are custom decals are made from Vinyl there are a few different materials our standard material Is recommended for short term Outdoor use and long-term indoor use, while our premium material is recommended for longer-term outdoor use and harsher environments such as boat lettering and vehicle lettering. Our premium material also has a removable adhesive so if you are worried about removing the decal down the road our premium material would be the best option.
We are able to produce decals up to 60 in wide by 20 ft or so. For easier installation, we do recommend breaking your custom decal up into smaller sections.
Custom decals can be a huge variety of sizes and really depends on the application it is being used for.
There really is no common size custom decals can be any shape or size and vary widely depending on how they are being used.
There are a few options you can select to customize your decal for instance if you choose cut to shape, your decal will be cut along the outside outline. If you select decal with a background your decal will be a basic rectangle or square shape. you will also have the option of adding laminate which will help protect your decal from fading in the sun, along with adding durability from abrasion and scratching.
No, you do not have to use a template you can design your own artwork and upload it or contact us to design something for you.
When preparing files for your custom decals simply design them at the actual size and If you would like it contour cut you will need to make sure it is a vector file.
We have a few stock colors vinyl that are colored all the way through this is a much more durable and long-lasting then printed decals but we do have the ability to print your decal any custom color as well. if your printed decal is going to be used outside we definitely recommend going with premium vinyl plus laminate to prevent it fading quickly outdoors.
One color or full color our pricing is the same.
Standard vinyl is recommended to be used indoors or for short-term one to two years Outdoors. Our premium vinyl is recommended or outdoor long term use and definitely the best solution for boat lettering and vehicle lettering. Our premium vinyl also has a removable adhesive and so is also recommended for any application where you do not want your surface to be damaged in any way, Or you simply do not want the headache of removing sticky adhesive residues down the road.