Brown House For Sale 860 Wire Frame Sign



This design has a white background along with an image a brown silhouette house and interesting brown stepping stones of various sizes and an animated house on top of a sign creating a very friendly neighborhood feeling. The text is black, and white with areas for your editable information like your big event, web site, your company name, your name and your phone number.

4mm Corrugated Plastic is a lightweight, inexpensive sign board that can be used outdoors.  Often used with “H” frames, these signs are often used for political campaigns and other advertisements along roadsides and in front of stores to promote sales.  The “flute” lines make for a less attractive interior sign-but these inexpensive signs are a step up from the “handwritten” poster, and are often used in shops to post company policies, shop rates and more. Outdoor durable. Standard H wire frame is included for for displaying your custom sign.

Product Information

Product SKU: SIGN_CORR_K_12Hx16W